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Transform your car's appearance with our professional paint correction service. Unleash its true beauty today!

Our paint correction service is the epitome of automotive rejuvenation. If your car’s paintwork has lost its luster, fear not! Our skilled technicians possess
the expertise and precision to meticulously correct imperfections and restore your vehicle’s pristine finish. Using cutting-edge techniques, we delicately
remove swirl marks, scratches, and blemishes, unveiling a flawless surface that gleams with brilliance. Our attention to detail is unparalleled as we work
diligently to bring back the depth, clarity, and shine your car deserves. With our paint correction service, your vehicle will regain its showroom-worthy
appearance, turning heads wherever you go. Say goodbye to dullness and embrace a rejuvenated and immaculate exterior that showcases your car’s true beauty.

$350 CAR - $450 SUV/TRUCK
Get ready for some paint wizardry that would make Harry Potter jealous! Our professional paint restoration service is like a magic spell that restores depth, removes light defects, and turns your car into a glossy masterpiece. With the speed of our machine set to lower RPM, we'll zap away those pesky swirl marks, wash lines, and holograms faster than you can say "Abracadabra!" We're not claiming to be miracle workers, but our process can work wonders, fixing up to 70% of the paint depending on its condition. So, if your car's paint is feeling a bit lackluster, don't despair! Let our paint restoration service work its comedic charm and bring back that shiny, "like-new" look. Warning: Side effects may include uncontrollable smiles, the urge to show off your car to everyone, and increased popularity among your friends. Proceed with caution and be prepared for the magical transformation of your car's paint!
1 Stage
$700 CAR - $800 SUV/TRUCK
Get ready for a paint restoration extravaganza that will leave your car looking so fabulous, it could star in its own reality show! Our professional team is armed with the finest tools and products to tackle swirl marks, wash lines, holograms, and even those deep scratches that were mysteriously gifted to your car during its last encounter with a rogue sponge. Picture this: our experts wielding a dual-action polisher like a dance partner, gracefully twirling and buffing away imperfections with the precision of a breakdancing ninja. With the first step complete, it's time to bring in the high gloss polish - the finishing touch that will make your car sparkle like it's wearing a designer gown at a red carpet event. But wait, there's more! We can't promise paparazzi and screaming fans, but we guarantee that your car will turn heads on the streets like a Hollywood celebrity. Get ready to feel like a VIP as you cruise around town in a ride that shines brighter than the sun and makes other cars green with envy. So, bid farewell to lackluster paint and say hello to a paint restoration experience that's as entertaining as a comedy show. Buckle up and let the laughter and gloss begin!
2 Stage
$1500 CAR - $1600 SUV/TRUCK
Get ready for a paint restoration experience that's more entertaining than a circus performance! Our skilled team is here to work their magic and remove up to 85% of damage, including swirl marks, wash lines, holograms, and even those deep scratches that seem to have a mind of their own after a machine wash mishap. With the precision of 3M Trizak technology, we carefully sand away imperfections, keeping a watchful eye on the clear coat to ensure it stays at a safe thickness. Once the sanding process is complete, we unleash the power of two exceptional products. First up is a compound paired with a cutting microfiber pad, a dynamic duo that tackles flaws like a superhero duo fighting crime. And then, in the grand finale, we apply a high gloss polish to bring out the ultimate shine and brilliance in your car's paintwork. Please note that the extent of the restoration depends on the condition of the paint. But fear not, our team of professionals will go above and beyond, using their expertise to deliver results that will leave you amazed. So, buckle up and get ready for a paint restoration adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as we work our magic to bring your car's paint back to life, leaving it looking so stunning that it might just steal the spotlight wherever it goes. Get ready for a jaw-dropping, eye-catching, and head-turning transformation!
3 Stage